Welcome to the Sherbrooke Community Amateur Radio Club Inc. “VK3KID”

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Welcome to the Sherbrooke Community Amateur Radio Club Inc. “VK3KID”

Sorry but there will be no Club meetings till the Coronavirus virus is under control

Dear Members.
                           The Sherbrooke community radio club inc Monday meeting has been cancelled for now due to COVID-19,  we are having a radio club meeting on air on vk3raj repeater Monday night 01-06-2020 at 7-30 pm start 439=750 MHz Upwey repeater vk3raj We are using the club call VK3KID all are welcome join in.

Keep an eye on the Club web page to see when and where the next club meeting will be, as soon as we can we will restart the monthly meeting at the club rooms.

Randall McDonald
secretary of club

Regards Jim VK3AMN

Exam’s update

Amateur Radio

Current News

AMC Remote Exams
Just a reminder: with the Covid-19 shut-downs, AMC are still conducting exams. 

Despite news reports to the contrary, the AMC has been offering remote and special assessments in this manner since well before the pandemic hit.  

AMC offers remote Assessments.  The process has been made as simple as possible but must ensure that the security and integrity of the system remains intact.

If you wish to undertake an exam contact the AMC – their contact details can be found on their website

So, go on, get studying either to enter the hobby or to gain extra privileges and responsibilities.  Once successful, the current situation has not affected the allocation and authorisation of call signs, that’s very much business as usual!

Examination Fee Schedule – 2020

Randall has Echolink is up and running VK3RMW 145.350 MHz 97.4 CTCSS

We are small club who believes in helping our fellow hams get on the air and to stay on the air.

 Our group aim is to have fun with the hobby, we don’t have time to sit around talking about how good we are like many Amateurs do!

“We just get up and do it!”

Are you having a problem with QRM! have a look at https://qrm.guru/qrm-guru-videos/

Ham Radio QRM weekend talk on how to fix it

Coronavirus Special, Virus safety in the Hamradio shack 2020

Club Contact Details

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club ‘VK3KID’

Post address C/O 44 Forest Park Road Upwey 3158.

Email Jim McNabb james.mcnabb2@bigpond.com

We are an inclusive amateur radio club that welcomes those who would like to help promote the advancement of amateur radio.

logo-300x300“Without the spirit of hams helping hams the hobby would end”

Jim McNabb 2005

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club ‘VK3KID’

Established 2007.

Words of Wisdom:

 Never argue with an idiot!

If you start with an idiot you will finish with a idiot, so what is the point?

Jim McNabb 05-08-2014

The biggest problem with Ham’s today is, there are too many ex CB’ers that know every thing, get a two letter call to prove it.

Jim McNabb 10-01-2017

Last update 19/05/2020

Very soon now we will be having a radio camp in the High country drop us a email if you would like to come Regards Jim VK3AMN
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