Welcome to the Sherbrooke Community Amateur Radio Club Inc. “VK3KID”

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Welcome to the Sherbrooke Community Amateur Radio Club Inc. “VK3KID”

Club meets at 1st Ferntree Gully Scout Group Hall on the first Monday of each month at 1930 (7:30pm)


 Recreation Res (behind Woolworth’s on Burwood Hwy), Brenock Park Drive Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

We are in the small hall on the Melbourne side.

Have a look at the web page about a week before to see if we have moved the meeting for a contest or Jota etc.

The club members use 70cm VK3RAJ 439.750 434.750 Upwey Melbourne 91.5 CTCSS

The Club can no longer run Hamradio Exams and I’m sorry for the inconvenience but these are the new rules

ACMA names successful ATM tender

Date : 01 / 02 / 2019
Author : WIA

A media release was issued late Friday afternoon with an update on the Approach to Market (ATM) “tender” for the ACMA deed related functions.

The successful tenderer is the University of Tasmania through the Australian Maritime College.

The WIA congratulates the Australian Maritime College.

The announcement from the ACMA indicates that services will will not be delivered in full until some time after 25 February 2019 – the ACMA will be undertaking some of these functions until the ACMA is ready.

Amateur callsign recommendations will no longer be processed by the WIA. All Callsign queries should now be directed to the ACMA

The WIA has provided the ACMA with a proposal to transition out of the deed between the ACMA and the WIA. This proposal is yet to be formally accepted by the ACMA.

Changes to amateur radio qualifications

Following an open tender process on AusTender (Approach to Market reference 18ACMA148), the ACMA has selected the University of Tasmania—through its institute the Australian Maritime College (AMC)—to deliver amateur radio examinations, issue amateur certificates of proficiency and for related callsign management.
The ACMA thanks all organisations that expressed an interest in providing services, and also wishes to thank the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) for its provision of services over the term of the current Deed, which came to an end on 1 February 2019. After that time, an examination conducted by the WIA will not be an approved examination for the purposes of amateur qualifications and the WIA will not have the power to issue further certificates of proficiency under the Radiocommunications Act 1992.
The ACMA is working with the AMC to finalise a Deed for the delivery of services and will also need to make enabling instruments to support the AMC’s activities. Once the Deed is signed, the ACMA expects the AMC to progressively commence delivery of services from 25 February 2019.
While these arrangements are being made, the ACMA will consider any applications for certificates of proficiency. A certificate may be issued if the applicant has successfully sat an approved examination under the previous WIA arrangements. The ACMA will also consider any applications for licences related to those certificates of proficiency and will assign callsigns to those licences on issue. Enquiries should be sent to licensing@acma.gov.au.

Corrected post
Exam update from VK6AS
The Australian amateur radio community is desperate for some factual information after the ACMA’s announcement of the successful tenderer for the contract to provide assessment and call sign services. I think that this will add somewhat to the news item provided on the National News.
I returned to Perth late on Friday evening having spent the week with the staff of The Australian Maritime College In Launceston Tasmania the new supplier of Amateur Radio Assessment and Call Sign Services.
The College is part of the University of Tasmania and holds full educational accreditation at all levels.
The college has an 18 year history of successfully and with almost no complaints delivering assessments and call signs for marine communications.
I was invited to become a member of their bid team and was named as one of their advisors.
The aim of last week was to implement the processes for amateur radio and to discuss issues with the ACMA, our regulator. I can report that this was successful.
I think it is time that there was some myth busting
Amateur Radio Assessments and call sign allocations will continue with only a minor interruption.
There will be little initial change in the delivery of assessments and the AMC will be in contact with all the current assessors as soon as it can to explain how the process will occur. Goodwill of the current team is considered critical.
Despite rumours there will not be a significant increase in cost for those wishing to obtain a certificate of proficiency or call signs.
The current tiered structure of licences and call signs together with the underlying educational syllabus will not change in the short term and the ACMA through the College has outlined a methodology for engagement with the sector so that there will be engagement in any changes that may be proposed for the future.
The previous provider could ease the path for the ACMA in the introduction and development of the new system by promptly passing on the historical data including the multiple choice question bank to the AMC. This is not essential for services to be provided but there is no doubt that co-operation will make things a lot easier for the AMC.
To my knowledge the ACMA has acted professionally and appropriately, if a tad slowly, in handling the award of the contract and there has been no breach of any rules that I am aware of in the process. Our meeting with ACMA delegate on Thursday was cordial and professional.
The Wireless Institute has been aware that they were not the successful tenderer for some time and their President, on behalf of their Board did indeed approach the College with a request that the WIA continue to maintain its current services on a sub-contractor basis. It is my understanding that this is precluded under the new deed.
Finally and perhaps most importantly for those directly engaged with assessment and call sign allocation is that the previous excessively onerous and bureaucratic business rules developed by the previous provider have been swept away in the new deal. This allows the College far greater degrees of freedom to introduce modern methodology for assessment and call sign management with the full approval of the regulator.
This can only be of benefit to the hobby and is probably the most exciting development in the last 20 years. I hope that you will be supportive of The Australian Maritime College and its advisors and faculty made up of radio amateurs such as yourselves but also with people who have professional experience in delivery and assessment in technical fields.
This is Andrew VK6AS

News Flash after much trouble from a small group of Amateurs (Ex CB’ers)

After many months a trip to our local MP to find out what the hold up was, (PS Please note) with in days it was approved, I wounder why it took so long?

Randall has Echolink is up and running VK3RMW 145.350 MHz 97.4 CTCSS

I ask the question why it took over 14 months to get a repeater licence? are the WIA doing there job or is it time to have them replaced?.

We are small club who believes in helping our fellow hams get on the air and to stay on the air.

 Our group aim is to have fun with the hobby, we don’t have time to sit around talking about how good we are like many Amateurs do!

“We just get up and do it!”

Club Contact Details

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club ‘VK3KID’

Post address C/O 44 Forest Park Road Upwey 3158.

Email Jim McNabb james.mcnabb2@bigpond.com

We are an inclusive amateur radio club that welcomes those who would like to help promote the advancement of amateur radio.

logo-300x300“Without the spirit of hams helping hams the hobby would end”

Jim McNabb 2005

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club ‘VK3KID’

Established 2007.

Last update 10/02/2019

Words of Wisdom:

 Never argue with an idiot!

If you start with an idiot you will finish with a idiot, so what is the point?

Jim McNabb 05-08-2014

The biggest problem with Ham’s today is, there are too many ex CB’ers that know every thing and get a two letter call to prove it.

Jim McNabb 10-01-2017

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