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We ask all new members to have attended three meeting before submitting an application for membership to the Sherbrooke Community Radio Club Inc this gives time for you and us to get to know you.

 All new members must be aware of the incorporated association rules.

 Incorporated association rules.

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Sherbrooke Community Radio Club Inc. Alcohol/Drugs at the Camp or events policy.

To those who use alcohol and other drugs and are participating in club events and meetings.

At the club camps or club events there are people who, for a number of reasons, feel uncomfortable to be around people who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Please be aware of how much you drink and stop before you cross other people’s boundaries.

We wish for a safe environment at the camps and club events, in which all feel comfortable and responsible for them selves as well as for others. Be aware of how people around you are doing; ask if your drinking is OK, Moreover we have to be prepared that there will be incursions by the police on the camp – for these situation a clear head can be an advantage.

If you are what we think is drunk you will be asked to leave the club event, we are a Radio Club not a

“Drinking club”

“The Club have a zero tolerance on violence or aggression”

We would ask you not to consume alcohol or any other (psychedelic) drugs before, during Club events. Even when the actions seem to be over they still affect us.
We hope this is comprehensive and you feel able to participate energetically as well as relaxed in the camps and events!

Please note

You can only be nominated for membership by a club member of at least two years standing of the Sherbrooke Community Radio Club Inc.

 Ed VK3LIP and Leo VK3FLMR

“Only a club can give you on going support once you got your License”

Last update 23/04/2014

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