Operating Principles

 The Board of the Wireless Institute of Australia has adopted the following Operating Principles as a guide for all amateurs:

We, the Australian Radio Amateurs will at all times:

  act and operate with integrity;

  be honest in our dealings;

  ensure that the operating equipment of our station is safe for ourselves and for visitors to our station;

  show respect to and extend courtesy to fellow amateurs and other spectrum users;

  be aware of and comply with our license conditions and the other laws and regulations that govern the installation and operation of our station;

  encourage others to participate in amateur radio;

  strive to improve our technical and operating skills;

  assist our community in emergencies;

  ensure that any spectrum interference issues resulting from the operation of our station are resolved promptly and with courtesy, and

  promote the benefits of amateur radio to the community.

 Sherbrooke Community Radio Club are happy to help new Amateur Radio operator of any age into the Amateur Radio family.

Jim McNabb VK3AMN 2009

Without the older Ham-radio operators helping youth into the hobby, the hobby would end.

Jim McNabb VK3AMN 2007

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