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Hi, the club makes You-Tube Videos of what we are up-to have a look at the links.

Radio club meeting 07/10/2014 youtube link.

A bit of fun at one of the Club meeting.

VK3KID in the Simpson 2016

VK3KID You-Tube

VK3RM You-Tube

VK3AMN You-Tube

2013 80m VK Tasman contest

Sherbrooke radio control group fun 2013

 Radio controlled HMS Sherbrooke

Radio controlled Helicopters

 Sherbrooke radio control group 2012

Flickee at work

 Echolink news

Space Station

Sherbrooke community radio club video November 2012.

EMDRC Ham Fest 2012

Sherbrooke community radio club international space station contact 2099.

Kurth Kiln Heritage Festival Sunday 15 April 2012

Kurth kiln in Gembrook state park video 2012

Kurth Kiln, Gembrook

Kurth Kiln Heritage Festival April 11 2011

“Only a club can give you on going support once you got your License”

“Because we care”

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