Radio Controlled Special Interest Group

Breaking news we have just finished tested the new 2.4g Radio Controlled VK3FWOF-WOF, it works great! The you-tube link will be up


There is more on the YouTube page

More fun at the Sherbrooke radio control group 2013


First you get one then the trouble is that once you got one they multiply.


Just some of the Radio controlled Helicopters we got RC Airplane and  RC Boats as well.


 Randal VK3RM, in his 2nd childhood. PS Jim is too.

Randal’s “RM Airlines”

 The club that gets Ham-radio to get up and running.

“It is easy to criticize but it’s hard to do! So we let our results speak for us”

“The club that is always out there.”

Author Jim McNabb 2010.

Last update 24/04/2020

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club Inc “VK3KID”

Established 2007

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