Db gain, with chart

 Stands for decibel gain.

Power gain, in decibels (dB), is defined by the 10 log rule as follows:

\text{Gain}=10 \log \left( {\frac{P_{\mathrm{out}}}{P_{\mathrm{in}}}}\right)\ \mathrm{dB}

where Pin and Pout are the input and output powers respectively.

A similar calculation can be done using a natural logarithm instead of a decimal logarithm, and without the factor of 10, resulting in nepers instead of decibels:

\text{Gain} = \ln\left( {\frac{P_{\mathrm{out}}}{P_{\mathrm{in}}}}\right)\, \mathrm{Np}
db X
10 db gain x 10
9 db gain x 8
8 db gain x 6
7 db gain x 5
6 db gain x 4
5 db gain x 3
4 db gain x 2.5
3 db gain x 2.0
2 db gain x 1.5

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