Amateur Radio Explained!

The entry level Foundation License continues to be the most popular way of getting into amateur radio.

It is attracting those who have had some previous hobby radio communications interest (CB, 4WD, Scanner Listener) and others who are attracted to ham radio for the first time.

It is an interesting and stimulating hobby enjoyed by millions worldwide. The biggest change with this licence is that it no longer takes about six months of study to get a basic licence.

Gone too is the requirement to pass Morse code tests. The decision to make the move and enter amateur radio is really easy – do something different in 2010, became an active radio amateur.

Amateur Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency Foundation Syllabus and Examination.

ACMA website

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club Inc are happy to help any new Amateur Radio operator into the Ham Radio family.

If you would like to become a part of the club come along to one of our meeting or please contact the club 

Last update 22/10/2020

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“Only a club can give you on going support once you get your License”

Author Jim McNabb 2012.