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Sherbrooke Community Radio Club Inc is based at the 1st Ferntree Gully Scout Group Hall on the first Monday of each month at 19:30 (7:30 pm) Recreation Res. (behind Woolworth’s on Burwood Hwy), Brenock Park Drive Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

 We are in the small hall.


160m 2013 Tasman photo’s


News Flash

 Sherbrooke Community Amateur Radio Club Inc got fourth place in the Harry Angle 2013 a great effort Leo VK3FLMR.

2013 Winners

1st VK2TQ Peter Richardson 92(*)
2nd VK4QH Ken Bawden 82(*)
3rd VK4YZ Charlie Strong 73(*)
4th VK3KID Sherebrooke RC 70 (op VK3FLMR)

4th VK3VCL Wayne Bruce 70

Our sincere thanks go to Icom Australia, for providing the club with the ICOM IC7600, for use prior to and during the competition.


Jim VK3AMN hard at work tuning up for the 80m VK/Trans-Tasman Contest 2013.

Sherbrooke Community Amateur Radio Club are happy to announce ICOM has loaned the club a IC7600 for the VK/Trans-Tasman Contest this year, if you would like to see one working, drop in to the Club meeting at Kurth Kiln.


Proudly supported by ICOM AUSTRALIA.

Setting up for the Kurth Kiln 2013 Festival



Marcel VK3FAAJ and John VK3JRB hard at work at Kurth Kiln Festival, it’s a shame that the WIA lost the news sent to it about the Festival for the WIA broadcast.

The Club has just completed maintenance program with the Friends of Kurth Kiln on one of the Kurth Kiln Huts, the Club always works with other groups when it can.


Vk3Jrb hard at work.

IMG_2680Boy was the timber hard, it’s over 80+ years old Mountain Ash and is very hard.IMG_2686

The only problem now is we can not light any fires in the huts.


We have started a new RC group with Helicopters, boats, planes etc, this group go flying early on Wednesdays it is a lot of fun, we will have some at the club meeting and there more on the YouTube link.

The Club was successful in the WIA Grant Scheme for 2012, we have received $800.00 this has allowed the club to get a 3.8K generator that is 58db at 4m. We will be now able to run more radio related equipment when we are on site. Thanks to The WIA Club Grant Scheme helping clubs grow.

The Club hopes to start testing Amateur Television (ATV) transmissions in Melbourne via VK3RTV amateur television repeater on Mt Dandenong. The ATV repeater is in operation 24 hrs a day and provides coverage of the greater Melbourne area.  Tests will start soon.

The Club came 6th in the 160m 2012 VK/ trans-Tasman Contests

2012 Winners

Full Results can be downloaded below:

160m Phone:                          

 Place Callsign Multi          Score                       Award

1           VK2CL            Multi-op          567                               First 160m SSB

2           VK2XN                                     395                        Second equal 160m SSB

2            VK3FRC          Multi-op        399            *         Second equal 160m SSB

2            ZL3UR            Multi-op         399                   Second equal 160m SSB, First ZL

5            VK2AWA          Multi-op       354            *

6   VK3KID Multi-op  340  

80m-160m multimode – Results 2012


The club repeater is VK3RBY is down for repair.

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club Inc are happy to run Foundation Licence, upgrades to Standard or Advanced including regulations exams at any Club meeting. We always have exam packs for any level on hand. Just drop us a email or phone call if you can, a week before the meeting, but if you forget, just drop in. Age is no barrier so young or old, give us a call, we will help. If the club hours are not convent just drop us a line and we can work something out. Only a club can give you one on one help. The club ran Jota again this year from the 1st Fern-Tree Gully Scouts, we had a great time and will be back next year.

As a Radio Club we are happy to help any other School or Youth group to make contact with the International Space Station, our Club will give all the technical help in making the contact, this service is free and we are happy to help.


Saturday 21st JULY 2012 at Kurth Kiln, we competed in the 160m VK/ trans-Tasman 160mt Contests. This antenna system we used last year.

The club set-up a full size 160m Vertical with 17 ground radials, as you can see it was made for 1.855mHz and it worked very well, we also set up a 3 wire folded dipole with 600 ohm open wire feeder 1/2 wave long. We started to get ZL’s by 18:20, we had a great night and next year look out our set up will be bigger and better.

This photo will show you the size of the folded dipole we could not pull it tight because the power poles are to close.


It is big 240m long and hard to get it up in the air but it works very well we got our first ZL in the first 1/2 hour. 

VK3AMN working on the center of the dipole the flat PVC plate has holes at about 80° so the 600 ohm balance line can be contented to the center wires of the dipole. Their will be more in the  WIA AR Magazine.


Ok what will we do next year? will start buying more wire for next year, then we can have 2.2+km of wire up in the air! or maybe we will put up a full size tower on 160m with a 3 element yagi? as well as a phased Vertical array. Humm! maybe need to get more wire! HOW MANY ROLLS OF WIRE?????


The Club members had a great time at the Kurth Kiln Heritage Festival 2012, we have picked up some new members and the time was worth it  with two Scout groups making inquiries about joint projects, We will have more on this soon.

Leo VK3FLMR hard at work.

Link to Google Maps

VK3KID set up when we are at Kurth Kiln.

VK3JRB John hard at work  with VK3WOF-WOF (Tina) Hi Hi

Randal VK3RM had at work (O that I would like to see)

Ham radio far from over or out

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club Inc are happy to run Foundation Licence, upgrades to Standard or Advanced including regulations exams at any Club meeting, we always have exam packs for any level on hand. just drop us a email or phone if you can a week before the meeting, but if you forget just drop in, age is no barrier so young or old give us a call we will help. If the club hours are not convent just drop us a line and we can work something out. we are a club and can help you with a study mate (some one you can ring or drop in and ask for help, only a club can give you one on one help)


The club that gets Ham-radio to get up and running.

“It is easy to criticize but it’s hard to do! So we let our results speak for us”

“The club that is always out there.”

Author Jim McNabb 2010.

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