“Q” code

Working on air will help you to remember most of the “Q codes” in common use, you must remember some of them! The ones in large dark text may be asked for the exam, but remember the more you learn the better.

QAV Are you calling me ? ( I am calling . . . )

QRA What is your station ?

QRB How far away are you ?

QRG What channel am I on ?

QRH Does my frequency vary ?

QRI How is my tone ?

QRJ Are you receiving me badly ? Are signals too weak ?

QRK What is my readability ? ( 1 to 5 ) 1 = unreadable. 5 = perfect.

QRL Are you busy ? ( I am busy, do not cut in. )

QRM Are you being interfered with (by other stations, man made interference) ?

QRN Are you troubled by noise or static (natural interference, lightning etc.) ?

QRO Shall I increase transmitter power ?

QRP Shall I decrease transmitter power ?

QRQ Shall I send faster ? ( Words per minute, Morse code. )

QRS Shall I send slower ?( Words per minute, Morse code. )

QRT Shall I stop transmitting? I am going off the air !

QRU Have you anything for me ?

QRV Are you ready ?

QRW Shall I tell … that you are calling them ? ( Please tell … I am calling them ! )

QRX Wait briefly (e.g. QRX 1, = wait 1 minute)

QRY I am on standby unless messages are specifically directed towards me.

QRZ Who is the station that’s calling me ?

QSA What is my strength ?

QSB Am I fading ?

QSD Is my keying correct ?

QSG Shall I send … messages at a time ?

QSK Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on your transmission ? (Breaker)

QSL Can you acknowledge receipt of my signals (QSL card) also can mean 10-4, roger.

QSM Shall I repeat the last message I sent ?

QSN Did you hear me on … Mhz ?

QSO Communication between two or more stations. ( A conversation. )

QSP Will you relay to … ?

QSR Shall I repeat the ( your ) call on the calling frequency ?

QSS What working frequency will you use ?

QSU Shall I reply on this … frequency or on … ?

QSV Shall I transmit a series of VVVVV ?

QSW Will you transmit on this … frequency ?

QSX Will you listen for … ( call sign ) on … frequency ?

QSY Will you change to another channel? I am changing to ..frequency !

QSZ Shall I send each group or word twice ?

QTA Shall I cancel message number … ?

QTB Do you agree with my number of words ?

QTC How many messages do you have to send ?

QTH What is your location now?

QTR What is your correct time?

QTU What hours are you operating ? When are you on ?

QTX Will you keep your station open for further communication, until further notice, or until … hours ?

QUA Have you any news of … ?

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