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Welcome to the Sherbrooke Community Amateur Radio Club Inc. “VK3KID”

Where are we now, try to DX us.

Sherbrooke Community Amateur Radio Club Facebook link

Club meets at 1st Ferntree Gully Scout Group Hall on the first Monday of each month at 1930 (7:30pm)


 Recreation Res (behind Woolworth’s on Burwood Hwy), Brenock Park Drive Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

We are in the small hall.

Every one is welcome to drop in.

group_photo_croppedHave a look at the web page about a week before to see if we have moved the meeting for a contest or Jota etc.

The club members use 70cm VK3RAJ 439.750 434.750 Upwey Melbourne 91.5 CTCSS

I have uploaded Simpson Youtube videos.

Jim’s 2016 Simpson 4×4 tip bits

2016 Simpson 4×4 preview


We are a active small club who believes in helping our fellow hams get on the air and to stay on the air.

 Our group aim is to have fun with the hobby, we don’t have time to sit around talking about how good we are like may Amateurs do!

“We just get up and do it!”

Club Contact Details

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club ‘VK3KID’

Post address C/O 44 Forest Park Road Upwey 3158.

Email Jim McNabb

We are an inclusive amateur radio club that welcomes those who would like to help promote the advancement of amateur radio.

logo-300x300“Without the spirit of hams helping hams the hobby would end”

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club ‘VK3KID’

Established 2007.

Last update 25/04/2017

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Words of Wisdom:

 Never argue with an idiot!

If you start with an idiot you will finish with a idiot,

so what is the point?

Jim McNabb 05-08-2014

The biggest problem with Ham’s today is, there are too many ex CB’ers that know every thing and get a two letter call to prove it.

Jim McNabb 10-01-2017

If the shoe fits then wear it.

May be you should

Look at your self before you Judge others.

The trouble with Ham radio today is the ex CB’ers that have now  got two letter call and still behave like they did on CB!.

It’s time we report these exCB’ers for childish noise they make on air.